The Mini Nimbus provides a great way to get a glider with a performance almost equal with many 'modern' std class gliders at a fraction of the cost. However there's  always room for improvement, and refinement. 
One way is to use the methods, and lessons learned in the later machines, and retrospectively modifying our ships. Of course with most 'Minis' being around 15 to 20 years old, there's also a wealth of experience in what does and what doesn't work. 
Hopefully some of these ideas, and experiences can be shared here, to show how you can get that extra bit out of your Mini Nimbus.


Oh, and of course here's the disclaimer....
Different countries may or may not allow modifications to private gliders and are licensed differently. Therefore you should check if these mods are permissible by your local authority first. Please make sure you know the rules for your country and if it is authorized, always ensure a licensed aircraft mechanic (engineer) supervises your work.

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