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Tuesday, 26 January 2010 15:35

With relatively few Mini Nimbus built, its interesting to see where they are now, and who owns them.
This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you own a 'mini' or there's one in your club, please drop me a line so I can add it to the list.

Serial No Model Markings Owner Country
1 A IUY Donald Ernest, Roy Mayger S Australia
2 A N557D written off in 1979 USA
5 A


Frank Kruesi USA
11 A N44MG Darrel Shiles USA
13 A D-4818 Fritz-Reinhard / Malte Grosche Germany
16 A ACE Gil Alexander USA
23 A D-3795, PK Fritz, Michael & Peter Preuß Germany
25 A ZK-GLO Rob Lyon New Zealand
26 A N7086D Al Brooks USA
27 A N1114C Roc Cutri


28 B FFR Lyle John McLean NSW, AUS
29 B FQB Balaklava Gliding Club S Australia
unknown A ZK-GLN Denis Patchett/Mike Dekker New Zealand
30 A PH855 written off in 2003 Holland
31 A FQA Lindsay/Roy Poulton 
S Australia
32 A C-GSXA written off Canada
35 A HB-1395 Pierre Freitag Switzerland
37 B
Sheena Fear Great Britain
38 A IOP Paul van der Horst, Egbert Veldhuizen Holland
44 A HB-1405 Guido Halter Switzerland
unknown A Z1 Motala SFK Sweden
46 A HB-1414 Franz Strahm Switzerland
47 A C-GLYD Gerald Ince / Keith Hay Canada
48 A N151RD Jim Conger USA
49 A PH-594 Hans Doggenaar Holland
50 A N824T George Gyula Cserfoi USA
52 A HB-1413 Simon Waddell Switzerland
53 A N21HH Tony Derrer USA
54 A OO-LGA Royal Verviers Aviation Belgium
57 A
Thomas Lange Germany
unknown A PH-558 unknown Netherlands
60 B PH-894 Ivo Heffels Netherlands
61 B N7HH Burton Meyer USA
62 B N14MG Michael Steckner USA
63 B PH-607 Jan Schets & Han Broen Netherlands
67 B N380S William Reuland USA
unknown B ZK-GKR Peter Mulhare New Zealand
72 C, carbon spar D-6606, JK Imco Janssen Netherlands
73 C
George Phillips and Syndicate Great Britain
74 B OO-ZMS Andre, Marc & Yves Ruymen Belgium
75 B 4H Ortwin Kronenberg Germany
77 B, glass spar D-4992 Franz Sahm Germany
79 B, ? spar N4989C Kenneth Reichert USA
81 B ZK GKR Peter Mulhare New Zealand
84 C, carbon spar N751DC Bob Smalley, Al Fernandez and Steve Corlew USA
87 C, ? spar HB-1440 Anton Staub Switzerland
88 C, ? spar N301YC Soar Minden Inc USA
90 C, ? spar FQH Gian Montgomery,James Hayes 
S Australia
91 C, carbon spar ZS-GKS Peter Wooley South Africa
92 B BS Stephen Ware / Jeff Roberts Great Britain
93 B UIW Laurie Bunnik Victoria, AUS
94 C, ? spar UIV Peter Lewis Jolly NSW, AUS
96 C, carbon spar 147 Phil Hawkins & Lamb family Great Britain
99 C, ? spar HB-1782 Heinrich Bosshard Switzerland
102 C, carbon spar N109L Joe Silvasi USA
103 C, carbon spar MV Mike Vance USA
104 C, ? spar N16MG Charles Timko USA
105 C
crashed / rebuilt with Sn. 114
106 C, carbon spar 878 Alex Jenkins Great Britain
107 C, ? spar HB-1425 Max Rosskopf Switzerland
108 C, ? spar N48Z Gerald Ellebracht USA
109 C, ? spar N384T Gary Tucker USA
111 C, ? spar HB-1452 Alfred Trub Switzerland
114 C D-6633 Horst Armbruster & Bernd Hezel Germany
115 C D-3368, PQ Klaus-Peter Queetz Germany
118 C, ? spar N8FZ Francis Smith USA
119 C, ? spar N419Z Farshid Ebrahimi USA
120 C, carbon spar N102ET, 2ET Tom Judkins USA
121 C, carbon spar SE-TVA Jan Larsson, Anders Lustig Sweden
123 C, glass spar G-CGFU/11 Max Kirschner Great Britain
124 C, glass spar SE-TVC Mats Lundqvist Sweden
126 C D-7007, PA Alfred Bergrath Germany
131 C, ? spar HB-1490 Hanspeter Gmur Switzerland
132 C OE-5217 USFC Graz Austria
136 C, carbon spar
George Crawford Great Britain
137 C, ? spar HB-1503 Walter Ryser Switzerland
139 C, carbon spar 552 Peter Burgoyne Great Britain
141 C, carbon spar
write off/ wings now on sn 90 South Africa
145 C, carbon spar, motor ! V5-GRN Christoph Sigwart / Jörg Grothe Namibia
146 C, ? spar HB-1513 Werner Flennert Switzerland
148 C, carbon spar IIU
Steve Trone,(Adam Swinnerton?)

Michael & Karen Steckner USA
158 C SE-UHF Jan Larsson & Anders Lustig Sweden
159 C, ? spar HB-1598 Keith Whittingham Switzerland



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