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Tuesday, 26 January 2010 13:30

About the Mini Nimbus Owners Group

Alfred Bergrath started it all in the summer of 1999 with a small article in Aero Kourier magazine :

Interest group of Mini-Nimbus pilots

Wrselen: Schempp-Hirth only built 159 aircraft of the Mini-Nimbus racing class glider which, today, are spread all over the world. Alfred Bergrath, a Mini-Nimbus pilot, is planning to organize an interest group of Mini-Nimbus pilots and owners which would allow a regular exchange of information. He is also thinking about regular meetings and of setting up a Website.

Contact: Alfred Bergrath

Since then the owners group has spread to nearly 40 members located in 3 continents and at least 5 countries, a mailing list has been set up which makes keeping in touch easier, and this web site has been founded.

If your are interested in being on the mailing list, want more information, or even better have your own Mini Nimbus, please contact either Alfred or myself and we'll be glad to help you out.


Update Jan 2010

Well, 10 years on, and the mini-nimbus owners group still lives on !

Most of the activity has been on our one-list/yahoo group, as I've been unable to modify the old website, and not had time to build a new one.

Finally  !! I've had time to move this website to a new server, and to change it from a MS Frontpage format, to an open source CMS. Hopefully this will see more updates, and be more managable for all.

About Me

I owned my Mini Nimbus for 5 seasons between 1995 and 2000 before moving onto a Discus.
I fly from the Coventry Gliding Club, based in the East Midlands region of the UK and try and fly every cross-countryable' weekend day, and whenever I can get off work !

Way back in '99 Alfred Bergrath put forward the idea of an interest group, where fellow Mini Nimbus owners could share ideas, experiences, and swap stories.
This website is an extension of that idea, I hope to get as many details and pictures of each and every Mini Nimbus, and store them here, as well as peoples experiences of their 'mini', and how they might have improved it.
If you own a Mini Nimbus, or have something you think might fit here, please contact me, in the meantime, enjoy.

Oh, and the picture is of me making some new friends on the first cross country of the year after my Discus had been totally refinished back in '05 ! :)



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