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Friday, 22 January 2010 14:44

Update 09/08/01
S/N 84 N751DC is now registered to Nimbusciles, a partnership of Bob Smalley, Al Fernandez and Steve Corlew. The three of us as well as Dave Cahoon are members of the Memphis Soaring Society.
MSS is a very active club with over 70 members and - unusually from what I hear - actively promotes and supports cross country flying and racing. One of our member's planes is being flown by Bill Bartell right now at the US 15m championships in Uvalde, Texas. 
Please remind your list members to visit our club at the Forrest City, Arkansas, airport if they are ever anywhere near Memphis.



Mini Nimbus C #84 was rebuilt by David Cahoon,  and is based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA. 
Having been in an unfortunate land out accident, David bought the wreckage and is currently undertaking a complete rebuild, which is detailed on a separate 'rebuild' page.


These pictures show the initial damage before repairs were started. The accident involved a fence and barbed wire, so the leading edge of the wings took most of the impact. Fortunately, the carbon spars weren't damaged, nor the fuselage.

David is undertaking the repairs himself with some help from Applebay in New Mexico, who are sorting the worst of the wing damage.
Hopefully when #84 is repaired and flying again we'll have some more pictures to see..