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Monday, 14 December 2009 14:55

Jan Schets writes:

I have a 50% ownership in Mini-Nimbus B with Serial no. 63 (manufactured in March 1978) with registration PH-607 and competition code 38.

The other 50% is owned by Han Broen and is located on Soesterberg in The Netherlands.
This is a military airbase where the Amsterdam Gliding Club can fly during the weekends and on some late afternoons during the week..
I joined the syndicate in 1988 and have flown over 400 hours on the '38', including my first 300 Km in 1989 and my first 500 Km in 1991.

Due to a foreign assignment I have not been flying the '38' for about 2.5 years. Now that I have returned I am waiting for some decent whether to start flying a 'real plane' again. Unfortunately the whether has been rather disappointing during this Easter weekend.    

An air-to-air picture of the '38' taken near Amersfoort, east of
Soesterberg air base.


The '38' was previously owned by Jan Veenhoven and Hans Disma. Hans is the Dutch agent for Schempp-Hirth and flew with the '38' a Dutch National record on the 300 Km return with 124 Km/Hr in 1982. As an Schempp-Hirth agent Hans has to fly some up to date equipment so he changed to the Ventus long time ago, and is now flying the Ventus 2, also at Soesterberg.